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“PDC Bits have 200 to 600 times greater life than tungsten carbide-cobalt alloy (WC-Co) bits, thereby reducing drill bit cost by more than 60 pct.”

— Special Report, Breakthrough in Roof-bolt Drill Bit Technology
U.S. Bureau of Mines

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US Synthetic receives world’s top manufacturing award

Orem, UT — June, 21, 2011 —  

US Synthetic, the parent company of US Synthetic Mining, receives world’s top manufacturing award, The Shingo Prize. Industry-leading industrial diamond manufacturer is recognized for the world’s most prestigious award for operational excellence, The Shingo Prize (Video).

US Synthetic was honored as an enterprise award recipient, recognizing excellence across a variety of its products and brands including US Synthetic (drill bit inserts), USS Bearings (process-lubricated bearings), USS Wire Dies (wire drawing dies), US Synthetic Mining (underground mining tools), and Suncrest Diamonds (natural gem diamond color enhancement).