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High Speed Drill Steel

High-Grade Industrial Drill Steel: Anti-Noise / Threaded Hex Drill Steel

US Synthetic Mining High-Grade Industrial Drill Steel is designed for exceptional strength using high-grade alloy.

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Threaded Custom Made Couplings

Custom Designed, Easy-to-Use Tooling


US Synthetic Mining is dedicated to supporting our customers with easy-to-use couplers and custom-designed tooling.

Delivered Quality to Support Consistent Production:

  • Standard couplings that adapt to most round or hex tubular drill steel
  • Unique threaded couplings for secure connections
  • Highest quality materials
  • Custom-designed applications
  • Dedicated engineering support

"PDC bits were operating at one-half the thrust and rotational speed required by the WC-Co bits. (Special Report, Breakthrough in Roof-bolt Drill Bit Technology, U.S. Bureau of Mines)."

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