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US Synthetic Viper HR Bit

US Synthetic Mining Viper HR Bit

The US Synthetic Mining Viper bit brings together the very latest in diamond drilling materials and innovative, new bit design to offer the longest lasting, most durable dry roof bolting drill bit in the world. read more

High Speed Drill Steel

High-Grade Industrial Drill Steel: Anti-Noise / Threaded Hex Drill Steel

drill steel

US Synthetic Mining High-Grade Industrial Drill Steel is designed for exceptional strength using high-grade alloy.

Increase Durability and Lower Mining Cost:

  • Remains straight under high thrust conditions
  • Lasts approximately 20-times longer than traditional drill steel
  • Delivers excellent fatigue strength to attain longer life
  • Assembled with noise dampening materials
  • Incorporated into a universal, easy-to-use shank
  • Adapts to most round or hex tubular drill steel extension rods

"...by reducing the number of operations a worker must perform, PDC bits may significantly reduce the number of non-fatal accidents resulting in lost-time injuries, associated with roof-drilling operations. (Special Report, Breakthrough in Roof-bolt Drill Bit Technology, U.S. Bureau of Mines)."

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