Company History


A Diamond in the Rough


Founded by Louis Pope

Our main goal back then, was just to survive. And, in many ways it was a miracle we did.


Develop first PDC Inserts

US Synthetic finally found its place and started to become successful at making PDC for the oil and gas industry.


Brady Mining Aquisition

US Synthetic aquires coal mining bit business–Brady Mining. US Synthetic’s ability to shift its business focus and explore new markets has been a hallmark of its success over the years.


Leader in Diamond Solutions

a 40-year industry veteran and a leader in the development and production of polycrystalline diamond cutters (PDCs) for oil and gas exploration.

Our Story

The US Synthetic story started in 1978, when Louis Pope founded a small diamond grit manufacturing company. Over the years, Louis and his team of synthetic diamond experts expanded and evolved the business—by developing innovative proprietary cubic press technology for high-pressure, high-temperature diamond synthesis and manufacturing polycrystalline diamond cutters (PDCs) for the oil and gas exploration industry.

Throughout the 1990’s, an unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and personalized customer service fueled US Synthetic’s rapid growth and success. In 1993, US Synthetic became the first PDC manufacturer to become ISO 9000 certified. The company introduced many of the decade’s most significant innovations and advances in the use of diamond for oil and gas drilling. And by 1997, US Synthetic had become the industry’s leading supplier of diamond products.

Today, US Synthetic is actively expanding its leadership position with the development of innovative, new diamond solutions and exploring new uses for diamond both inside and outside the oil and gas drilling industry. This includes finding new uses for diamond in downhole drilling equipment, Developing diamond and construction tools, exploring innovative gemstone enhancement technology, expanding analytical possibilities in chemical labs through the use of diamond and perfecting the use of diamond in wire mills throughout the world.